Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are a chance for the members of the church to meet together to worship God and to celebrate all He has done throughout our lives and throughout our weeks.  It's an opportunity to be equipped through teaching for the ministry we do in our lives and an opportunity to develop great relationships with those who choose to be in fellowship with us. Our mornings are casual, yet structured and everyone is welcome to join in. Come as you are, get to know us, eat our snacks, get to know God.



A core component on Sunday mornings is musical worship. This is just one of the ways we worship God and we do so through singing and instrumental worship. Most mornings you'll see a guitar, a keyboard, some sort of percussion, and whatever else the team may have prepared. We can always use more people with musical talent to help out, contact Heather for more information.


Tech Ministry

Another opportunity to worship is through using the technical skills you may possess, or may wish to develop. With music and sound systems comes the need for those to help operate a sound board, record the message, and coordinate and run the projection system. If you have interest in this contact Tyson, he'd love to hear from you!


Setup Ministry

God doesn't need a dedicated building to be worshiped in and it's a good thing, because we don't have one! We spend Sundays at Avalon Dance Studio and as such we need to setup and take down each morning. If you can arrange chairs, plug in cables, and generally be helpful then you can extend your time of worship by being part of the setup team.  Contact David if you are interested.

Always Worshiping

While Sunday mornings are a great time to gather together worshiping God is a full-time occupation. After we leave our gatherings on Sundays the real work of worship begins. Whether we spend our days preparing sermons, writing software, teaching kids, mowing people's lawns, or doing homework all that we do to the glory of God is honoring to Him. Our gathering together is for the purpose of equipping us to do the good works that He has prepared for us to do.  As a church we desire to see faith lived out in the world on Sundays and every other day as well.